Iran Election Results – 1

SMSs & Mobiles are down.
Twitter, Youtube, Facebook are filtered.
Internet connection is extremely slow. I’m not sure if I can ever publish this post.
All the Mousavi’s websites just got filtered.
There are fights in the streets between Mousavi’s supporters and police.
Important Farsi satellite channels are jammed, like BBC Persian.

Fixed line telephone is almost the only remaining communication channel which also is down in some areas.

It’s a very dark situation. I remember my childhood, during the revolution, when the electricity was gone. I was scared and I could hear people in the streets were shouting. I was in my father’s arms and I remember he was smiling, and his smile made me calm.

Right now, I only needed my father’s smile, again.


3 Responses to “Iran Election Results – 1”

  1. Guy from Germany Says:

    You’re in my thoughts!

  2. Nazanin Says:


    Salam, Nazaninam! I am so sad that is all about it!

  3. mywebloge Says:

    Hello. Please visit my weblog that is about Iran.

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