Iran: One Election, Different Perspectives

Iran Election CandidatesToday, after being in the queue for about 2.5 hours, finally I could vote, and I voted for Mousavi. Although almost all the polling stations were too crowded but still there are many Iranians who won’t vote at all. Some of course will vote for other candidates, and there are a few who will give blank votes.

There are many different ideas about Iran’s election. Here I try to mention all of them:

I don’t vote

Many Iranians don’t vote at all. Their idea is that by voting in Islamic Republic of Iran, you are actually voting to the regime and you are accepting it. They say that they are against the regime and they believe the whole election is a game and these 4  candidates regardless of their differences are all the same.

These group believe that if nobody votes, then it would be a big NO to the regime and would be the start of another revolution, maybe with the help of other countries.

Government’s opposition groups outside Iran are the main supporters of this idea. They have a high penetration rate between people through their satellite channels.

I vote, but I’ll give a blank vote

Iran ElectionThis group believe that they shouldn’t just sit and wait, and should do something for their country, and all they can do is to vote. But as none of the candidates are qualified from their perspective, they’ll vote, but a blank vote.

I vote for Ahmadinejad

Well, these are the most complex ones!

Some of them really believe in Ahmadinejad. They look at him as a hero and as the only one who could stand in front of the US. Many of them are educated and have access to the Internet and other media. They believe that he is honest and has long term plans for Iran, that’s why we may not see much these days.

Another group of his supporters are villagers and uneducated people in rurals. They believe only whatever they see in TV. For them, Ahmadinejad is the only person who lives like them. The one who is giving us nuclear power, although they don’t know why nuclear power is that much important. This group are the main targets of Ahmadinejad’s populist advertisements.

Ahmadinejad is also popular between many Islamic hardliners. They believe he is the only one that is bringing the true Islam to Iran. They believe Ahmadinejad is very close to the initial ideas of the revolution and Imam Khomeini.

I vote for Mousavi

Khatami - MousaviYouths, majority of reformists and almost anybody who is looking for an alternative for Ahmadinejad are Mousavi’s supporters. In the past month, he proved that he is the only chance for preventing Ahmadinejad to be president for another 4 years.

Many of those who vote for Mousavi, do not vote to support him, but just vote to refuse Ahmadinejad. Majority of the reformist groups have supported him. He also has the support of Mohammad Khatami, who is still very popular between  many people.

I vote for Karroubi

KarroubiKarroubi supporters believe that Karroubi is the real reformist, not Mousvai. The only candidate who has detailed clear plans, who is ready to fight for human rights, who’ll have women in his cabinet,  and the only candidate who 4 years ago, formed a real political party. Karroubi’s powerful management team, is another reason that has made him popular among many of the real reformists.

Many of the students are supporting him, but based on the statistics, he doesn’t have much chance to win. His supporters say that they will vote for Mousavi, if the election goes to the second round, with Mousavi and Ahmadinejad.

I vote for Rezaee

His supporters are not too much. His last debate with Ahmadinejad, in which he politely defeated Ahmadinejad had an important role in his popularity as well as his plans for Iran’s economy. It’s not very clear that if the election goes to the second round, Rezaee’s supporters will choose which candidate. Ahmadinejad has mentioned several times that all these 3 are against him, but it’s been said that many of Rezaee’s supporters are still closer to Ahmadinejad than Mousavi.


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