Ahmadinejad’s 20 minute golden time. Is it a lie?!

Yesterday, the last day of election campaigns, finished with the speech of Ahmadinejad from state TV, when no other candidates had the chance to advertise for themselves anymore. TV gave 19 minutes and 44 seconds to Ahmadinejad to defend himself for what has been said against him during his absence in previous debates. They gave other candidates only 80 seconds which they refused.

Ahmadinejad, tried to defend his lies and charts. He said all other 3 candidates has tried to simultaneously call him a liar, as part of their common plan to defeat him.

He then started to mention his government’s achievements in separate short sentences, each sentence finished with the word “Dorougheh?” which means “Is it a lie?”. He used the word “Dorougheh” 43 times in 20 minutes!

He also referred to “Transparency International” organization which was referenced by Mousavi in his corruption chart. Ahmadinejad said “Transparency International” belongs to Zionists and is not an international organization, and its reports are not valid.

So, he lied again in his last speech on TV. Let’s wait, and see…


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