Karroubi – Mousavi Debate

Mousavi - KarroubiTonight was the 5th presidential live TV debate, this time between 2 reformist candidates: Mousavi, who is the main reformist candidate vs Karroubi, another reformist whose support for human and civil rights of Iranian citizens has attracted the support of many intellectuals and students.

Unlike the two challenging debates each of them had previously with president Ahmadinejad, tonight several times during the show both mentioned that their ideas are very close to each other.

Both candidates used this debate as an opportunity to answer Ahmadinejad’s previous claims and to present their programs in the state TV, and they really used this opportunity very good.

The biggest highlight of the debate, was when Mousavi, at the beginning of his speech, directly called Ahmadinejad a “liar”. He was prepared with the same charts as Ahmadinejad’s, but with REAL figures.

While showing both wrong and right charts simultaneously to the camera, he said that “Just look how easily they play with the diagrams and tell lies to people”. One was a chart regarding the inflation rate, which yesterday reported 14% by Ahmadinejad, but he showed that the real inflation rate is 25%.

He emphasized on Ahmadinejad’s lies, several times during his speech: “A real Muslim never lies, then how our president can lie in front of the camera to millions of people?!”

Whatever it was, it was not a “debate”, but it was a unique event in our history. When a candidate in a live TV show could call the president a liar, and he was definitely right!


2 Responses to “Karroubi – Mousavi Debate”

  1. joo Says:

    exactly opposite to what u have mentioned above what ahamdinejad have shown was comparison of mean inflation rate of first4 years of each past president however now its 25 pct but in average its exactly as ahmadinejad told.but what mousavi has shown was last for years inflation rate not average of first four years of each ex president it shows that mirhossein don’t know any thing about statistics at all!!!!
    and he is using populism but his target population is different!

  2. Payam Moin Afshari Says:

    Sorry for late reply, joo:

    Well, I agree that he may use a kind of populism in his campaign as well. Maybe that’s why we can see this huge fast growing amount of supporters in the streets.

    But inflation rate, regardless of calculations and charts, is a tangible phenomena. This has been mentioned by Karroubi when he said “even my grandma could understand the inflation rate” and also mentioned later by Mousavi and Rezaee, when they started to compare prices of tangible products like “meat”, “cheese” and so on, 4 years ago and now.

    So regardless of whatever method for calculating the inflation rate we use, inflation rate is increasing and that’s not deniable.

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